A mechanical approach versus inspiration

I don’t believe in Writer’s Block.

This might be a controversial stance; I’m not sure. Maybe I’ll find out when people read this, because they may comment. (Feel free to comment!)

I freewheel through my writing on inspiration. It feels powerful and great when ideas just flow and words present themselves without my having to think. Usually, it feels like I’m cheating.

Sometimes inspiration stops. If this is writer’s block, then I have the remedy: a mechanical approach.

Time to come clean: I’ve been a teacher for 13 years (Middle School English; A-level Psychology/ top of High School uni-preparation exams). My job is to find a mechanical, step-by-step, systematic, follow-this-rule-and-you-will-win way of doing what comes naturally to some. And this is what I do in my writing.

Just keep writing!

Even if the words don’t seem right. Even if you loath what you’re writing (and yourself for writing it), just keep pushing through. Whole novels can be written this way. And have been.

You can tidy it all up later.

Inspiration will come back.


(I promise.)


5 thoughts on “A mechanical approach versus inspiration

  1. I do believe in ‘dry spells’ so to speak. I tend to deal with them by having a couple of different projects on the run at once, so that if i run out of words in one place i usually find them somewhere else.
    Sometimes i just write out scenes that are more like stage directions ‘x does this, says that’ then i go back later and fleah them out with emotions.
    A long time ago i only wrote when i ‘felt it’ and consequently didn’t get much written :/

    There’s a lot of truth in that line about being able to edit a bad page, but not a blank one.


  2. I can attest to this!! Finally got myself to try for a set amount every day, and I found that almost every addition came with a bit of inspiration!! 🙂 (This from the girl who routinely got stuck at the first 2k words of every novel. XD)


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