How has music inspired your writing?

The question addressed in this post was suggested on 11th January 2016 by Sarah Stockton (@sestockton) following the news of David Bowie’s death.

I love music. I don’t love other people choosing my music, so I tend not to listen to it on the radio. My radio is permanently tuned to BBC Radio 4, as it has been since I was 12 years old. When I have a spare moment, I am keen to learn something.

If you stole my iPod, however, you might decide I have eclectic tastes. You would find I have everything from X-Ray Spex to Meagan Trainor to Ella Fitzgerald.

To say I have a life-long obsession with The Cure doesn’t quite cover it.

Let me take you back to the ethereal and distant days of c1991. I was just teetering on the edge of my goth phase. Two of my friends and I listened to Absolution non-stop. I took inspiration from this and bought albums by The Mission, Echo and The Bunnymen and The Cure. It wasn’t much of a competition as to which my favourite was. In The Cure the music was wonderful but, even better, were the words.

I couldn’t get enough of The Cure. (If you were being funny, you could say it was Never Enough.)

I began writing poetry every day when I was 15 inspired by the lyrics of The Cure. I think this daily practice helped to shape me into a writer. When I won the Religious Education prize at school (don’t ask) I used my book token to buy The Cure: Songwords 1978-1982. No one cared but I thought I was pretty rebellious, thank you very much. I read it as religiously as I read Sylvia Plath’s Collected Poems.

I never listen to music when I work, though. I need silence so that my own thoughts don’t have to fight someone else’s to be heard.

But that’s part of the next article, so I won’t give you any spoilers here…


6 thoughts on “How has music inspired your writing?

  1. Very interesting. So really, not so much music, but words, lyrics, i.e. poetry inspired you to write!
    So besides The Cure’s lyrics and Plath’s poetry, what other writing has inspired you?

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  2. The Cure have had a huge impact on me in all areas of my life, my clothing choices, the rest of my music taste, my love of words, pretty much all of it is at least in part down to Robert Smith. Needless to say, I’m more than excited to see them for the first time in November. ❤

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