Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award? I was nominated by Tarquin Carlin to take part in this. The idea is that I answer 10 questions and pass the process on by asking 10 other bloggers 10 questions that I have to spend time thinking up.

Tarquin’s answers to the questions he was posed can be seen on his wonderful site: Start by looking at his answers and then read on – it’s well worth it!

  1. Do you believe in the “You must write every single day” ethos?

Yes and no. (Excellent, off to a cracking, indecisive start!) When I was starting out as a writer, I used to write every day, without fail. It wasn’t really a decision. I just had to write. It also so happened that I was about 14 years old, with nothing better to do with my time than go to school and watch Home and Away and Neighbours.

Then life happened. I count myself lucky if I get to write more than once or twice a week. So, while it might be desirable, it certainly isn’t necessary. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

  1. What was the last book you read?

Not answering that because it was terrible and no one should have to read it. I’m currently reading Strangers on a Train by Patricia Highsmith and it’s great!

  1. How do you find balancing time to write with the rest of your life?

I won’t lie, it’s hard. I just make writing a priority anytime I have a few minutes that don’t involve looking after my son.

  1. Are you a Planner or a Pantser?

Planner. Complete planner. I plan the whole novel and then each chapter. I don’t leave anything to chance: in life or literature.

  1. What are you currently working on?

A novel about four siblings who reconvene at their parents’ house when their father dies.

  1. How do you handle criticism of your work?

Ask me when I’ve had some reviews.

Up until now all criticism has been constructive.

  1. When people ask the inevitable “what do you write about?” how do you respond?

“Erm.” I always start with, “Erm.” And then I generally say something nebulous like, “Life” so they don’t bother asking me anything else.

  1. Who are the Writers you admire and why?

I admire Maggie O’Farrell for the beauty of her words and the fragility of her characters. Daphne du Maurier’s vivid melodrama has always appealed. Thomas Hardy’s sense of place and beautifully whole characters are wonderful.

  1. How much of yourself is in any of your characters?

A bit of me is in each one. Even though I try to make them ‘other’ something of me always crops up anyway.

  1. Where do you write from? What fuels the stories you choose to tell and why?

A love of words and those words need a story to set them up.

Oh, you lucky, lucky few. I nominate: James Fahy, Nate Philbrick, Jenna Brownson, Tina Williams, Millie Schmidt, Flight and Scarlet, Em, Sarah Brentyn, Steve Akley and Michelle Wallace.

Here are my questions for you:

  • What is your favourite breakfast?
  • What is the shortest piece you have written?
  • What made you decide to start blogging?
  • What is your desk like? (If you don’t write at one, tell me about your writing space)
  • Who or what inspires you to write?
  • If it weren’t for social media, how many other writers would you know?
  • What do you read?
  • If you didn’t write, what would you do instead with the time?
  • What do you tell your family about your writing while you are working on something?
  • What is your favourite word and why?


13 thoughts on “Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

  1. Yay! Nominated *performs small backflip* interesting answers from you there, I’m a planner too. The 7 book series I’m working on is detailed in every tiny smattering of details across six or seen notebooks. (I do find however that some things change of their own accord when I come to actually writing a ‘scene’ usually for the better and often quite unexpectedly. Will answer your questions on my blog as soon as poss x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks, lovely lady. I’ll get to this ASAP. (Though I do have some previous ones I’ve yet to respond to. I’m terrible. But I’ll get to this eventually.) Love your questions. Also, fun to read your answers. Especially love #3 and #9. Also, #7 is priceless and I might steal it: “I generally say something nebulous like, “Life” so they don’t bother asking me anything else.”
    I am 100% Pantser. You’re a Planner… Hmm. Interesting. So that would explain one of the reasons you’ve actually finished your book. ❤


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