Sunshine Blogger Award

Nick at fiftywordsdaily nominated me for this award. I like to think because a post from me brings a little more sunshine into the world. Nick’s blog certainly does. As it says on the tin, it brings you fifty words of brilliance every single day!


The rules are as follows:

  • Answer the eleven questions from the blogger who nominated you.
  • Nominate up to eleven wonderful bloggers and write eleven (possibly fiendish) questions for them to answer.


Let the answers commence!


  • What single piece of advice would you give to your eighteen year old self?

Don’t worry so much – it all gets really good really soon.


  • If you didn’t live in your current country of abode, where would you most like to live?

The US. Maybe. I’m half American and I have a lot of family over there. It feels like a second home. However, this answer sort of depends on who is elected President. If it all goes wrong, I’m changing my answer to Canada.


  • What has been your most extravagant purchase?

I don’t really do extravagant purchases. I’m more into saving and investing. I did once spend £130 on a great pair of boots.


  • What is the best movie of all time?

Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. It sounds like it might be sexist (and it doesn’t pass the Bechdel Test) but it’s a quick-witted film about female solidarity. There is also singing and dancing, which just adds to the fun.


  • Have you ever said I hate you and not meant it?

I don’t think I say that.


  • Whale or dolphin?

Dolphin. Definitely. They’re smart and beautiful and they thanked us eloquently for all the fish.


  • What is your favourite first or last line from a book or a poem?

I love all of And the wave sings because it is moving by Philip Larkin, but it ends: “And the waves sing above a cemetery of waters.” I think that about sums it all up.


  • How many languages can you speak? Could you teach me how to say ‘you have intriguing ears’ in non-English please?

Erm, no. I only speak English. Once, in my youth, I was very good at French, but that seems to have fallen out of my head as I have aged. I could think up synonyms for ‘intriguing’ perhaps, but they would all be in English.


  • Why is Donald Trump doing so well? I need answers here…

Luckily I have a few degrees in Psychology, so I’ll do my best.

People like leaders who seem certain. They want to look up to people who give what seem to be straightforward answers. Donald Trump gives simple responses.

People are less keen on those who have to explain their answers. In fact, I bet a bunch of you have stopped reading this and skipped on ahead. You liked it better when I just gave a short response and moved on, didn’t you? Unfortunately, this question couldn’t be answered briefly. There was more detail needed than a single-word answer. And so it is with politics and life.


  • Should the UK stay in the European Union? (I can’t decide so I thought I’d ask some learned people for their views. But I couldn’t find any so I’m trying you lot…)

Yes, we should stay in (and I’m not just saying that as a knee-jerk reaction against anything Boris Johnson stands for). I like Europe. I like travelling there. I like the ease with which I could work there. I like the people I have met who have come over here from Europe.


  • And most importantly and maturely of all – what is your favourite colour? (Mine is green, which is proved to be the best colour of all by a country mile.)

I haven’t been asked this since my age went into double digits. Blue – that kind of blue where it’s starting to get a bit of green.


And now, the really exciting part! The nominations! I’m only doing 6, partly because Nick stole one of mine (Jenna) and I know she, in turn, will want to nominate some more of mine.


Lo-arna Green – author of All the Colours and All the Darkness

James Fahy – author of Isle of Winds. This is mostly because he has forgotten to blog since the last time I nominated him for something

S Hunter Nisbet – author of What Boys Are Made Of

Imasillypirate – author and artist

Milly Schmidt – writer

Tarquin Carlin – writer


My questions to you are:

  • If there was ever a teacher who inspired you, which subject did they teach?
  • Would you rather write alone in a garden or on a half-full train?
  • What is your greatest achievement to date?
  • Do you have pockets? (My entire current outfit – trousers, t-shirt, jumper – does not have a single, real pocket and I suspect this is unusual.)
  • E-reader or real books?
  • Have you ever written a letter of complaint? If so, why was it necessary?
  • What is the most notable thing about the place where you grew up?
  • Box files or piles of papers?
  • Have you ever written about a person you didn’t like but changed the name so no one knows it was them?
  • If you had to choose between always being too hot and always being too cold, which would you pick?
  • What is your favourite fairytale and why?

6 thoughts on “Sunshine Blogger Award

  1. Really great responses – I’m going to vote to stay in Europe now. Didn’t know that Larkin poem either so I’m off to look it up! Thanks again for playing along!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Excuse me, but as far as I recall you were always very silly in French – as was I. The last time I looked, ‘silly’ and ‘good’ did not mean the same.

    Liked by 1 person

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