We interviewed Sarah Mitchell-Jackson author of Ashes

This was an enjoyable interview, even though I come across as an introvert, which I am.

Lorelei Press

Sarah Mitchell-Jackson is the author of Ashes.

What led you to write Ashes?

Ha! That’s a really tough question to answer, because Ashes came from everything that has ever happened to me and everything I have ever heard of happening to others and a very healthy glug of my over-active imagination. I’m the sort of novelist that puts everything in – all my actual and imagined thoughts and feelings. Writing is like acting: you get to try out being different people.

Having said that, though, I suppose there are a few key precipitating factors. My parents’ house burnt down one summer. Luckily no one was hurt. But a lot of things were lost. It got me thinking about what is important and where identities come from.

In one of my past jobs, I was responsible for ‘looked after children’ and worked with children experiencing a variety of different social…

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