Control Freak Issues

Having Ashes out in the world is wonderful. Being published is just what I wanted. It’s very exciting that people will be able to read something I have poured so much of myself into.

Really, it is.

Then why do I feel a bit embarrassed? I am humbled when someone buys my book. I am grateful. I fervently hope they will enjoy it. (But that it won’t take them as long to read as it took me to write!)

At first, people were DMing (Direct Messaging) me to let me know they’ve bought Ashes. That was brilliant. I knew to whom the magically selling copies were going.

Now there have been tons (hyperbole) of sales and nobody is letting me know. Logically, I know this is a good sign. This could mean that People I Don’t Know are buying my book. After all, wasn’t this the goal?

I’m a control freak. I liked knowing.

Who knows how I will fare when it gets reviewed…?


2 thoughts on “Control Freak Issues

  1. It’s kind of like children–early on, we have so much control, but once they’re out in the world, we lose some of that control. It’s scary. We have to trust that we did our best and they’ll be fine. Congratulations on getting your novel (child) out into the world! Can’t wait to read it.

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