Research? Yuck!

Sometimes, during novel writing, I need to include something I don’t know about. For that, I need to research.

It’s not my favourite part of the job. Now, that might surprise you, if you know how many degrees I have. It seems that I just don’t like researching for novel writing. In fact, it might even beat synopsis writing to the bottom slot.

Clearly, I like the actual writing part (or at least I tell myself this while having to read documents I am not enjoying) and, unlike many writers I chat to, I enjoy editing as well.

But research? Not so much.

At the moment I need to find out more about Catholicism in England and Italy in the 1790s. I particularly dislike history, so this is not going well. If you are an expert in this topic, please don’t be shy. I have questions…


10 thoughts on “Research? Yuck!

  1. “it might even beat synopsis writing to the bottom slot.”—Haha, you really must hate it!

    I don’t mind the research part, but I have to be cautious when I do it or I can get lost down an internet rabbit hole. One link leads to another link leads to another one and so on.

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  2. I like researching, not so keen on editing. What I have trouble with is knowing when to do the main research…before I start writing the first draft or between first and second.
    Good luck with your research

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  3. Thank you, Sarah, I’m relieved to know I’m not the only one who is not fond of research. I don’t mind looking up a few facts here and there, but to have to get some in-depth info on stuff I’m not too familiar with? Feels like school!

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