Top Writing Tip: Save

My top writing tip for this week is to save everything. I am not actually referring to making sure you save your progress every few minutes during a writing storm (although you should definitely do this). I mean that you should hold on to all your little pieces of inspiration, no matter how insignificant they might seem.

When I delete parts of novels I am writing, I copy, save and then cut them. I save them in “Blurb scrap”. (“Blurb” being the current name of the current piece.) I also have several versions of the same novel saved at different times during the writing process, because sometimes I want to go back to an earlier phase and this just makes it easier.

Don’t “spite delete” anything. Just because you are cross with yourself, don’t waste your ideas. You might surprise yourself with what you can turn an old idea into.

Dressmakers out there, it’s like saving scraps of fabric. You don’t necessarily, at the moment of saving, have a project that the pieces are right for but maybe one day you will, and you will be pleased with your own thriftiness.

Just as leftover foods can be the basis of delicious future meals, left over words can be contoured into something fresh and lovely.

Save everything.


3 thoughts on “Top Writing Tip: Save

  1. I totally agree with Tina!

    I do exactly as you say. 🙂 Whenever I cut a dialogue or scene I save it in my “notes” folder where all kinds of stuff lies in waiting: new articles, idea for stories, snippets of info. I agree with you that if one permanently deletes something, there’s a bad feeling about that later on. It’s like throwing away the whisk broom in the corner, the one you never use, two days later–you need it!

    Thank you Sarah for showing interest in my post. I really like this blog. Very informative. I look forward to more posts. 🙂

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  2. I have a doc for every MS titled “Cut Material.” While l save these thinking that I’ll “someday” use them, my hope is to have so much other stuff to draw from that those docs end up being little, dead darlings.

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