Keep Fighting

I want to tell you today what a struggle writing is.

I don’t mean ideas. I don’t even mean the difficulty of sitting down and writing word after word until something appears. I don’t mean my least favourite part of the act of writing something for publication (- probably research).

I mean time.

Even those who write every day struggle to do that. Writers ring-fence time for writing. Life gets in the way. Most writers I know have full time jobs and families and other responsibilities. They keep up the fight.

I have two small children and we moved house four months ago. I don’t get to write every day. I don’t get to write every week. I won’t give up the fight, though.

No matter how hard it gets, no matter how pointless it might seem in the moment, don’t give up. Every writer doubts themselves at some point. Keep fighting.

Fight for time for your writing. Fight for strength to keep doing your best. Fight for your right to express yourself. Fight to improve. Every writer has to edit and write numerous drafts to get it right. Keep fighting.

Fight for every step and then see what you can achieve.

One thought on “Keep Fighting

  1. Thanks for this, Sarah. Lately, life has done its best to get in my way of writing. Sometimes I get tired of fighting. Sometimes I begin to listen to the little voice inside that says, Just let it go. Wait until your child grows up, wait until there’s more time, more money (ha!), more or less of whatever. But there will always be roadblocks (or excuses), so I might as well keep going. I’ll never give it up completely, just adapt to whatever’s going on in my life.

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