How do you share your work?

For years I did not share my writing with anyone. At all. I am not sure anyone knew I was a writer. I am naturally quite private and I wanted to get better without having any outside pressure. (There’s nothing worse than having people ask what you are working on when you are still working on the same thing you were doing the last time they asked.)

Now I am published, so my work is shared wherever there is internet access. However, it’s only shared when I am ready for it to be shared.

Before the public sharing there are other sources of feedback while I am still writing. My husband is one of my first readers and he often sees first drafts. He’s very good at giving insightful feedback. Gently. I also have a writing partner who reads pretty much everything. She is supportive but nicely critical. If I just want praise, I let my sister read my writing.

Do you have different people who read your work while you are still editing and improving? Does anyone read your first drafts? Who are they and why do you choose them?

4 thoughts on “How do you share your work?

  1. I was the same way! FOR YEARS! And when I finally started venturing out I tagged “aspiring” on until this really awesome writer commented on a my tweet and told me to stop it, right now (that was you, FYI!).

    Nobody gets my first draft. My husband gets a second draft, but he’s so lovely and supportive, and he genuinely likes everything, that I don’t get much feedback.

    My detailed feedback comes from the women I met doing the CBC online novel writing course. As part of the course everyone’s work gets critiqued and it really helped me to change my attitude about feedback. We’ve been working on each other’s novels for a long time, and I trust them with the stuff I’m putting out. I know they aren’t going to pull work apart unless it’s necessary.

    I also have a few people whose work is soooo different to mine that I know that they won’t really like what I’m doing. I sometimes send writing along to them if I feel like I need a different view on it. If I want to get outside the echo chamber.

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    1. Haha! I remember telling you that! It’s something I still feel passionate about: if you write, you’re a writer!
      A group is an interesting way to go. One of my writing heroes – Andre Dubus (II) used a writing group.


  2. I don’t share first drafts, generally. I know I’m going to re-write that a few time before it’s getting close to what I want it to be.

    I share later drafts with my writing group. I always get very good and thought provoking feedback from them on extracts I submit. This is helpful to move on to final drafts. I sometime ask for feedback for the entire story but that’s as per who is interested and feel they have the time.

    I started experimenting with having a group of test reader on a mailing list. They would be asked to read final drafts. I haven’t used it much but I hope that this group eventually will include some of my core readers who will get a preview of upcoming stories.

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    1. I find feedback invaluable. I might eventually have realised some response points by myself but hearing from others is quicker!
      For my first novel, I got some amazing advice from agents (who didn’t sign me but helped nonetheless)!


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