New Year’s Solution

This post comes to you courtesy of a notebook and pen. Old school tools will get my 2019 on track writing-wise. If you follow my blog (and I really think you should) you will know that my WIP has been limping along and I’ve been adding about two words a month to it for the last year. With the new year comes a new solution to my lack-of-time-to-write problem.

After all, as you all told me after my last blog post, my paralysis with my WIP was all in my head and, to break the deadlock, I just had to get on with it. You were right.

I am sitting in my car waiting for Number One Son to get out of school, while Number Two Son naps in his car seat behind me. This is my only time for writing. Now that I have identified possible time, all I care about is using it to good effect. Have pen, will write.

Just before Christmas, I edited half of my printed out WIP sitting in a carpark. Tomorrow, I will embark upon edits to the second half. Today, I am writing this for you.

Handwriting is a fine tradition. This is what Emily Bronte, Thomas Hardy and Jane Austen did! I don’t have to wait for my pen to boot up. I don’t have to make sure the book’s battery has enough charge.

As someone who has been able to touch-type since I was 12 years old, however, handwriting is weird. It’s like an extra stage in the process – because I now have to type out what I have handwritten. I think much faster than I write but I only think a little faster than I type so this is a much slower way of working. For my novel writing, slowness brings quality. For blog writing, slowness brings frustration. Maybe this is how Jane Austen felt about her blog too.

2 thoughts on “New Year’s Solution

  1. I am writing my WIP by hand. Almost everything I write is with pen and paper. I set aside one day a week for typing up as much as I can of what I’ve written the week before. While hand-writing my MS is slower, I find not only quality but length also increases (which is good if you’re writing a novel).

    I’m glad to hear this change is working for you. I hope you’ll find even more time to devote to writing this year.

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  2. Nice post-I find the link between pen/paper/brain makes words flow more effectively than writing directly onto the screen. I arrive in work 15 minutes early and use 10 minutes of that to fill a page in my physical notebook using a fountain pen. Feel like I’m achieving more this way. Good luck.

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