Keeping the Faith

I am going to surmise that all writers have been in that nadir we all dread: the deep, dark forest of lost faith.

I am there now. I am in the beginning phases of a new project, but I am not convinced I have approached it in the right way for maximum impact. Logically, I know this doesn’t matter, because it will probably mutate into something entirely different before anyone actually gets to read it. I know it’s better to fix something that has already been written than it is to face that blank page and attempt to fill it only with perfection.

Emotionally, however, I am anxious and in a funk.

I know what I should do here. I need to push through. I need to keep writing and see if what I have written is right or whether I need to rework it into something else. Nothing is ever wasted – I keep it all so that re-modelling is easier.

How do you do it? Can you keep the faith all the way through a project? What do you do if you hit a pot hole in the road of your WIP? Are there any wolves in the forest of your new project?

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