Satisfying Reading: The Ending

I like art that is a frame. My preference is for paintings that go right up to the edge. I love reading novels that start in the middle of something. I like to imagine and hope beyond the end. The sense that there is more which extends from what we are being shown gives depth, interest, reality.

Does this approach make for a satisfying ending to a story, especially a novel?

I know most people – some of them literary agents – prefer happy endings. I don’t. I don’t need that. I want the mess to continue. It’s trite to tie up loose ends, isn’t it? And doesn’t that wind up being unsatisfying? (This, I realise, can be taken too far, until you feel you’re duped – see TV’s Lost.) That old technique of epilogue often makes me roll my eyes. It’s too contrived. Leave well enough alone.

I do want something at the end, though. I want a logical frame to a story. I want the chapter to end and not just leave me on a cliff edge.

What do you like/want/need in an ending?

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*Can you believe that my keyboard doesn’t have a Euro symbol?

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