Ashes intertwines three stories which have at their heart the power of human resilience:

Eva is a little girl of five years old who seems to emerge from an otherwise empty burning house. As she cannot remember who she is, beyond her name, and no one comes forward to claim her, she must carve out spaces for herself in a succession of homes and attempt to discover where she belongs.

Dan is the fireman who rescues Eva. He is struggling to maintain a relationship with his wife after the still birth of their daughter and wonders if keeping and raising Eva would help to heal their rift.

Carrie-Anne is a woman who lives in a caravan behind the house that burns. She battles alcoholism and depression, both of which pin her into her tiny sphere of existence with an overpowering inertia.

To be brief, Ashes is about how personal choice is limited by the circumstances over which no one has control. The subject matter is dark, but not devoid of hope.