What is women’s fiction?

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. To celebrate, Blue Moon Publishers created an article, which you can read below. “I think of Women’s Fiction as being a handy label for work that is considered to appeal to women. It cuts across genre and style and, as such, can be impressively wide-ranging. I know a little something about being a woman, so my writing quite naturally gives … Continue reading What is women’s fiction?

Sarah Moss and Neel Mukherjee

Cambridge WordFest has been re-branded Cambridge Literary Festival, but it shall always be WordFest in my heart. WordFest has an earthy, funky feel, as though Ali Smith made it up. This morning, as part of CLF(Winter), I went to see Sarah Moss (Cold Earth, Bodies of Light, Signs For Lost Children) in conversation with Neel Mukherjee (Past Continuous, Lives Apart, The Lives of Others). I … Continue reading Sarah Moss and Neel Mukherjee