Keep Fighting

I want to tell you today what a struggle writing is. I don’t mean ideas. I don’t even mean the difficulty of sitting down and writing word after word until something appears. I don’t mean my least favourite part of the act of writing something for publication (- probably research). I mean time. Even those who write every day struggle to do that. Writers ring-fence … Continue reading Keep Fighting

Preparing to Write: Background Stories

I have always told myself stories. It helps me fall asleep at night and segues seamlessly into dreams. These stories are the basis for my writing. To get to know characters better, I write their background. These background stories might never make it into my manuscript – I never intend them to, either. They are my preparation for creating full characters that make emotional sense. … Continue reading Preparing to Write: Background Stories

Writing Fiction: What Works For You?

Everyone is different. What I think works in fiction might have some overlap with what you think works in fiction but, equally, we will have areas where we disagree. Imagine a beautiful Venn diagram. (Imagine it because I don’t know how to create one here.) I am here to suggest, like Jack Palance in City Slickers, that you find what works for you in the … Continue reading Writing Fiction: What Works For You?

How to write a (fiction) synopsis

By popular* demand, this post is designed to help you write every author’s nightmare – the synopsis. It’s a necessary evil: agents, mentors, and publishers ask for a synopsis of your novel (usually along with a few chapters and a kick-ass cover letter) when you submit your novel for their consideration. It’s one of those terrible tasks which is both highly stressful and also intensely … Continue reading How to write a (fiction) synopsis