Research? Yuck!

Sometimes, during novel writing, I need to include something I don’t know about. For that, I need to research. It’s not my favourite part of the job. Now, that might surprise you, if you know how many degrees I have. It seems that I just don’t like researching for novel writing. In fact, it might even beat synopsis writing to the bottom slot. Clearly, I … Continue reading Research? Yuck!

My coffee’s decaf but I’m still a real writer

When I got pregnant for the first time, I had been a serious, obsessed writer for about seven years. I was able to foresee that the kind of three-hour writing session I was used to committing after work would be curtailed by the presence of a little person. I hadn’t realised that he would interfere with my writing while he was still in my body. … Continue reading My coffee’s decaf but I’m still a real writer

Old Writers Never Die, They Just Revert To Type

I made that up so I could discuss having ‘it’ and losing ‘it’. They always tell you to define your terms first but, that’s the thing with ‘it’, I’m not really sure what ‘it’ is. ‘It’ is the ability to write. ‘It’ is ethereal, wispy, indefinable. ‘It’ is what draws you in as a reader. ‘It’ intrigues and entrances so that the reader cannot think … Continue reading Old Writers Never Die, They Just Revert To Type

Forthcoming Stories

It’s been a pretty good week here in Mitchell-Jackson towers, with lots of my short stories being accepted for publication. Here is a little over-view, but I will be reminding you of each one closer to each date of publication. Just Milk and Unfounded Allegations will be appearing in Gravel Magazine. Skipping School is going to be included in the Framing Fridays eBook. Storm will be read by the amazing … Continue reading Forthcoming Stories