Research? Yuck!

Sometimes, during novel writing, I need to include something I don’t know about. For that, I need to research. It’s not my favourite part of the job. Now, that might surprise you, if you know how many degrees I have. It seems that I just don’t like researching for novel writing. In fact, it might even beat synopsis writing to the bottom slot. Clearly, I … Continue reading Research? Yuck!

We interviewed Sarah Mitchell-Jackson author of Ashes

Originally posted on Lorelei Press:
Sarah Mitchell-Jackson is the author of Ashes. What led you to write Ashes? Ha! That’s a really tough question to answer, because Ashes came from everything that has ever happened to me and everything I have ever heard of happening to others and a very healthy glug of my over-active imagination. I’m the sort of novelist that puts everything in… Continue reading We interviewed Sarah Mitchell-Jackson author of Ashes