Is it cheating to have more than one project?

I have never been a full-time writer. I have always either been working outside of the house or, for the last two years, home-based, looking after my son. Even as a hobby-writer, I cheat. I have several projects on the go. Usually it’s one novel and then subsidiary projects like short stories and poems. What I like about this mix-up is that it gives me … Continue reading Is it cheating to have more than one project?

Laptop Love

I have named my laptop. As a person who names cars, I find this perfectly reasonable behaviour. To me, she is a friend; friends have names. My laptop is my refuge. On days when I don’t have the time to write I glance at her longingly as I do my chores. She represents hope, freedom and my secret life. It’s secret until I unleash parts … Continue reading Laptop Love

Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award? I was nominated by Tarquin Carlin to take part in this. The idea is that I answer 10 questions and pass the process on by asking 10 other bloggers 10 questions that I have to spend time thinking up. Tarquin’s answers to the questions he was posed can be seen on his wonderful site: Start by looking at … Continue reading Siblinghood of the World Blogger Award

Meet the Author: Sarah Mitchell-Jackson Special Episode

Originally posted on No Extra Words:
Back in January we had a Contributor Appreciation promotion, where we randomly drew four winners from our list of contributors. They received a prize from our sponsor, and the chance to have an interview feature on the show. Today I am delighted to bring you the second of those interviews. This episode introduces you to Sarah Mitchell-Jackson, whose… Continue reading Meet the Author: Sarah Mitchell-Jackson Special Episode

What is women’s fiction?

Yesterday was International Women’s Day. To celebrate, Blue Moon Publishers created an article, which you can read below. “I think of Women’s Fiction as being a handy label for work that is considered to appeal to women. It cuts across genre and style and, as such, can be impressively wide-ranging. I know a little something about being a woman, so my writing quite naturally gives … Continue reading What is women’s fiction?