Writing Fiction: What Works For You?

Everyone is different. What I think works in fiction might have some overlap with what you think works in fiction but, equally, we will have areas where we disagree. Imagine a beautiful Venn diagram. (Imagine it because I don’t know how to create one here.) I am here to suggest, like Jack Palance in City Slickers, that you find what works for you in the … Continue reading Writing Fiction: What Works For You?

How to write a (fiction) synopsis

By popular* demand, this post is designed to help you write every author’s nightmare – the synopsis. It’s a necessary evil: agents, mentors, and publishers ask for a synopsis of your novel (usually along with a few chapters and a kick-ass cover letter) when you submit your novel for their consideration. It’s one of those terrible tasks which is both highly stressful and also intensely … Continue reading How to write a (fiction) synopsis

Managing the pace of your novel

Pacing is one of the hardest things about writing a novel. Whether you are a Pantser or a Planner, it can be difficult to manage the tension between making interesting events happen and giving your characters time to react. If you are going for highly unrealistic action adventures where characters get repeatedly punched in the face only to get up and sprint a mile, you … Continue reading Managing the pace of your novel

Research? Yuck!

Sometimes, during novel writing, I need to include something I don’t know about. For that, I need to research. It’s not my favourite part of the job. Now, that might surprise you, if you know how many degrees I have. It seems that I just don’t like researching for novel writing. In fact, it might even beat synopsis writing to the bottom slot. Clearly, I … Continue reading Research? Yuck!

We interviewed Sarah Mitchell-Jackson author of Ashes

Originally posted on Lorelei Press:
Sarah Mitchell-Jackson is the author of Ashes. What led you to write Ashes? Ha! That’s a really tough question to answer, because Ashes came from everything that has ever happened to me and everything I have ever heard of happening to others and a very healthy glug of my over-active imagination. I’m the sort of novelist that puts everything in… Continue reading We interviewed Sarah Mitchell-Jackson author of Ashes